FastSpeech 2 Audio Samples

English Single-Speaker TTS

Dataset: LJSpeech
Checkpoint: link
Config: link
Vocoder: HiFi-GAN (LJSpeech)

Extremely Long Sentence
Text: Advanced text-to-speech models such as FastSpeech can synthesize speech significantly faster than previous autoregressive models with comparable quality. The training of FastSpeech model relies on an autoregressive teacher model for duration prediction and knowledge distillation , which can ease the one-to-many mapping problem in TTS. However, FastSpeech has several disadvantages: 1) the teacher-student distillation pipeline is complicated, 2) the duration extracted from the teacher model is not accurate enough, and the target mel-spectrograms distilled from teacher model suffer from information loss due to data simplification, both of which limit the voice quality. In this paper, we propose FastSpeech 2, which addresses the issues in FastSpeech and better solves the one-to-many mapping problem in TTS by 1) directly training the model with ground-truth target instead of the simplified output from teacher, and 2) introducing more variation information of speech as conditional inputs. Specifically, we extract duration, pitch and energy from speech waveform and directly take them as conditional inputs during training and use predicted values during inference. We further design FastSpeech 2s, which is the first attempt to directly generate speech waveform from text in parallel, enjoying the benefit of full end-to-end training and even faster inference than FastSpeech. Experimental results show that 1) FastSpeech 2 and 2s outperform FastSpeech in voice quality with much simplified training pipeline and reduced training time; 2) FastSpeech 2 and 2s can match the voice quality of autoregressive models while enjoying much faster inference speed.

LJ042-0094 (Ground-Truth) LJ042-0094 (Synthesized)
Text: the soviet authorities denied oswald permission

LJ021-0108 (Ground-Truth) LJ021-0108 (Synthesized)
Text: from the standpoint of the good of the industries themselves, as well as the general public interest,

LJ030-0031 (Ground-Truth) LJ030-0031 (Synthesized)
Text: secret service agents formed a cordon to keep the press and photographers from impeding their passage and scanned the crowd for threatening movements.

LJ001-0012 (Ground-Truth) LJ001-0012 (Synthesized)
Text: especially as no more time is occupied, or cost incurred, in casting, setting, or printing beautiful letters

LJ011-0202 (Ground-Truth) LJ011-0202 (Synthesized)
Text: the uncle claimed her. the husband resisted.

LJ006-0114 (Ground-Truth) LJ006-0114 (Synthesized)
Text: they bought their offices from one another, and were thus considered to have a vested interest in them.

LJ009-0038 (Ground-Truth) LJ009-0038 (Synthesized)
Text: in the center of the chapel was the condemned pew, a large dock-like erection painted black.

LJ006-0161 (Ground-Truth) LJ006-0161 (Synthesized)
Text: again, a turnkey deposed that his chief did not enter the wards more than once a fortnight.

LJ027-0127 (Ground-Truth) LJ027-0127 (Synthesized)
Text: while neglecting to maintain his unity of ideal in the case of nearly all the numerous species of snakes, he should have added a tiny rudiment in the case of the python

LJ050-0158 (Ground-Truth) LJ050-0158 (Synthesized)
Text: the department hopes to design a practical system which will fully meet the needs of the protective research section of the secret service.

Mandarin Multi-Speaker TTS

Dataset: AISHELL-3
Checkpoint: link
Config: link
Vocoder: HiFi-GAN (universal)

SSB08630110 (Ground-Truth) SSB08630110 (Synthesized)
Speaker: SSB0863
Text: 放首歌来听,丁当的歌 (fang4 shou3 ge1 lai2 ting1 sp ding1 dang1 de5 ge1)

SSB07940279 (Ground-Truth) SSB07940279 (Synthesized)
Speaker: SSB0794
Text: 中国,今日有望创下历史单,日,出行人次最高 (zhong1 guo2 sp jin1 ri4 you3 wang4 chuang4 xia4 li4 shi3 dan1 sp ri4 sp chu1 xing2 ren2 ci4 zui4 gao1)

SSB00800003 (Ground-Truth) SSB00800003 (Synthesized)
Speaker: SSSB0080
Text: 中新网七月十四日电 (zhong1 xin1 wang3 qi1 yue4 shi2 si4 ri4 dian4)

SSB15930399 (Ground-Truth) SSB15930399 (Synthesized)
Speaker: SSB1593
Text: 也就是说汤米踩过点 (ye3 jiu4 shi4 shuo1 tang1 mi3 cai3 guo4 dian3)

SSB16070080 (Ground-Truth) SSB16070080 (Synthesized)
Speaker: SSB1607
Text: 但阵营之间差距拉大 (dan4 zhen4 ying2 zhi1 jian1 cha1 ju4 la1 da4)

SSB10200388 (Ground-Truth) SSB10200388 (Synthesized)
Speaker: SSSB1020
Text: 我抱着一大堆纸箱回了家 (wo3 bao4 zhe5 yi2 da4 dui1 zhi3 xiang1 hui2 le5 jia1)

SSB05900363 (Ground-Truth) SSB05900363 (Synthesized)
Speaker: SSB0590
Text: 我们不能分头行动 (wo3 men2 bu4 neng2 fen1 tou2 xing2 dong4)

SSB04700028 (Ground-Truth) SSB04700028 (Synthesized)
Speaker: SSB0470
Text: 毕节市的景点有什么 (bi4 jie2 shi4 de5 jing2 dian2 you3 shen2 me5)

SSB06290079 (Ground-Truth) SSB06290079 (Synthesized)
Speaker: SSB0629
Text: 你以为 (ni2 yi3 wei2)

SSB08220199 (Ground-Truth) SSB08220199 (Synthesized)
Speaker: SSB0822
Text: 该职位员工可以,居住在西雅,图或,洛,杉矶 (gai1 zhi2 wei4 yuan2 gong1 ke2 yi3 sp ju1 zhu4 zai4 xi1 ya3 sp tu2 huo4 sp luo4 sp shan3 ji1)

English Multi-Speaker TTS

Dataset: LibriTTS
Checkpoint: link
Config: link
Vocoder: HiFi-GAN (universal)

207_131203_000011_000000 (Ground-Truth) 207_131203_000011_000000 (Synthesized)
Speaker: 207
Text: his mother, however, was a little shy of the company for him, and besides she could not always spare him.

2299_6524_000057_000000 (Ground-Truth) 2299_6524_000057_000000 (Synthesized)
Speaker: 2299
Text: on the arrival at the hut to my chagrin we found it filled with snow.

2388_153731_000003_000000 (Ground-Truth) 2388_153731_000003_000000 (Synthesized)
Speaker: 2388
Text: the story of the first scientific observation of the corona and the prominences is thrillingly interesting, and in fact dramatic.

3615_14677_000014_000000 (Ground-Truth) 3615_14677_000014_000000 (Synthesized)
Speaker: 3615
Text: beat three eggs with a pinch of salt; add one pint of milk and two thirds of a cup of flour.

4744_31668_000003_000001 (Ground-Truth) 4744_31668_000003_000001 (Synthesized)
Speaker: 4744
Text: far from morbid naturally, she did her best to deny the thought, and so simple and unartificial was her type of mind that for weeks together she would wholly lose it.

480_127525_000006_000000 (Ground-Truth) 480_127525_000006_000000 (Synthesized)
Speaker: 480
Text: i tried and found by experiment that the tide kept sweeping us westward until i had laid her head due east, or just about right angles to the way we ought to go.

5126_27504_000011_000003 (Ground-Truth) 5126_27504_000011_000003 (Synthesized)
Speaker: 5126
Text: it looked as if our luck was dead out, and we began to think our chance of getting across the border to queensland, and clear out of the colony that way, looked worse every day.

6098_57837_000008_000000 (Ground-Truth) 6098_57837_000008_000000 (Synthesized)
Speaker: 6098
Text: word was sent of their predicament to the nearest fort, and lieutenant pershing was sent with a small detachment to their rescue.

6544_231862_000065_000001 (Ground-Truth) 6544_231862_000065_000001 (Synthesized)
Speaker: 6544
Text: denzil did look, and uttered a second cry more startling than the first.

968_122545_000053_000000 (Ground-Truth) 968_122545_000053_000000 (Synthesized)
Speaker: 968
Text: the bee fought the window angrily, up and down, up and down, for several minutes; then found the open glass and whirled out into the sunshine, joyfully.